An Antique Door For The Master Closet

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We were looking for a couple of great doors to become sliders for the master bedroom walk-in closet in one of our renewal projects. Couldn’t find any that we liked in the regular stores, and the ones we did find were WAY too expensive! A dime for every time you’ve heard THAT story!

Then we went to the HUGE “First Monday” market in Canton, Texas and found these bad boys ….

…. for just $50 the PAIR! Awesome! Here’s how we went about turning these oldies (but goodies) into the perfect sliding barn doors to match our beautiful ranch renewal in Plano, Texas.

First, we stripped the old stain and shellac off the doors using a product called Citristrip ($20/gal at Home Depot). This stuff really works, has virtually no bad odors and is quick. Just follow the instructions and take your time! Here’s a photo of one of the doors being stripped  You can clearly see the difference (the lower part of the photo has been stripped) ….

Then we sanded them down with a hand-held rotary sanding tool, again and again, to get all that old crud (technical term!) off there …

Until, eventually, we were down to original wood. Here’s how the doors looked when completely sanded down to the original oak …

We then started staining them. We used a Minwax natural stain (so NO color in it at all), but look at the difference. Here’s our man Jerry staining the first part of the door (you can see how great the original wood turned out in this photo as well) …

After two coats of stain it looks like this …

Exactly what we were looking for. And here’s the other door, stripped down and stained….

(the previous one is standing up in this photo, just behind Jerry).



We will keep posting photos for this mini project until the final product is hanging up!

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