"We don't just renovate homes, we renew them."

Eligra is a privately owned company, founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Michael and Victoria Jones. We are based in Dallas, Texas.
Renovating homes truly encompasses the passions and talents of both Founders - Victoria on the interior design, sourcing and quality control aspects, and Michael in the engineering, project management and business development areas.
Studying the Dallas area renovation market for some time, the couple realized that there is a niche in the marketplace for high-quality, custom, design-inspired, home renewals and renovations for owners and purchasers of homes under $1 million selling price, and particularly for those under $500,000. In response to that niche, Eligra goes the many steps further than normal “home flipping” or “renovation” – we don’t just “renovate”, we renew homes.
We do that in two ways: Firstly, and importantly, we do what other renovators don't do - we put our own money where our mouth is and create (and sell) "Elite", fully-renovated properties that we use as showcases for our clients to see what is possible when renewing older homes. Secondly, we are commissioned by our investor clients to partially or fully remodel, renovate or renew their own properties to our Eligra standard, either to build their portfolios, or to get a property ready to be re-sold on the open market.
What does "Elite" mean to us? We start from scratch to re-design and re-build these older homes in the way that they would have been built if today ’s materials, building methods and technology were available. We take our homes down to studs, ensure the backbones are strong, and build up from there.
We make sure that our "Elite" homes meet all of today's building codes, and have them inspected by city building inspectors throughout the entire process. We pay attention to the details that other renovators seem to ignore.
When we finish our homes and they are ready to market, they are as good as new and in many cases better than new. They have new interior layouts, new HVAC units, new plumbing, new electrics, new kitchens, new bathrooms, new appliances, new windows and so on. 
And we create an Owner's Manual for every single one of our home renewals. This contains every warranty we have received for the work completed, copies of all city inspections (even for the stuff UNDER the ground!), appliance user manuals, details of paint colors used in the design, and anything else the future owner might need to know!
Now you really CAN have the design and functionality that the $1 million plus homes have, at an affordable price point.
Our philosophy, no matter what we are doing, is to always pay attention and take great care. Pay attention to the details, be on top of the job. Take care of the environment, of our projects, our properties, and of course our clients and customers


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